How to Draw a Cartoon Chicken: a Step-by-Step Guide for Children

Creating a Chicken Drawing In Only Four Easy steps

(Meta) How to draw a cartoon chicken is the basic ladder for everyone who has no idea how to draw. This tutorial will help you a lot to create a complete chicken drawing!
No matter you are a young artist or not, you would like to draw beautiful art. Therefore, you should begin with the foundation. By doing practice the simplest drawing for children, you are going to prepare for the next level. How to draw a cartoon chicken, for example, is the first ladder you need to step into. This tutorial will be shown you how to do that. Let’s started with the cartoon animals!

How to draw a cartoon chicken


Chicken Drawing


A chicken has many small details such as feathers, eyes, beaks, and feet. Sometimes, they make you feel difficult because you have to focus on tiny things. However, drawing a cartoon chicken is simple and easy with shapes and fun colors. You should prepare some materials initially. A black maker, a light pencil, drawing paper, and crayons are everything you need to find.

Step 1: Begin with the chicken’s head


Chicken Drawing Step 1


At first, you make two oval shapes so that the eye outlines will appear. Then, you add more rounded shapes and dots to create their pupils. The chicken’s peak will be under the eyes with pointy tips at the ends of each half. Now, you have gotten the chicken’s nose and the tongue.
If you are going to draw a rooster, then you should not forget its crests. By making some curved and wavy lines, we will have the crest. Then, you can draw the rounded waddle dropping down to complete their beaks. A hen only has the beak, so you remain the rounded and a little sharp lines.

Step 2: Create the first part of the chicken body


Chicken Drawing Step 2


Draw significantly and curved lines from the head base because we need to have the chicken neck. The lines in the neck will show some jagged lines. These points make the chicken feathers.
The feathers on their necks are moving to the chest. After that, you enlarge another slight and curved line from those jagged lines. Bingo! You have already created the first part of the chicken body. We will move to the step 3 for the body details.

Step 3: Draw the wings and tail feathers


Chicken Drawing Step 3


Whether you are going to draw a rooster or a hen, the drawing needs to have a tail and some wings inside.
Add several curved lines and connect them. The front lines and the top of the wings should be long and smooth. Draw lots of small curved lines for making the tip. The wings will be empty if you do not put some small curved lines. Create some additional texture detail in the chicken wing.
To draw the tail feathers, draw more curved lines so that all lines are long enough. Remember to add some rounded shapes.

Step 4: Start drawing their legs


Chicken Drawing Step 4


In the previous steps of the “how to draw a cartoon chicken” guide; we have completed the first part of a chicken body. In this step, we will draw their legs to get the final drawing.
The top of the chicken legs are wrapped in smooth feathers, so you draw curved lines to start for the sides. The top leg portions contain the edges. Add plenty of smaller curved lines to build pointy tips. At that time, the second halves of the legs will be poked out.
In their legs, keep in mind the feet. Draw some slightly curved lines to create their long toes. These will appear in their hooves at the front of each foot. Each toe should have small and pointy nails at the end. Eureka, you have finished off the cartoon chicken drawing! Add colors to make your drawing is more beautiful.

Your Chicken Drawing Is Complete

Drawing a cartoon chicken is not a complex part. However, you should be patient. Always practice your drawing skills and add your passion. You will move to the next level in the forthcoming time.You can refer other drawing guides such as bird drawing

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