How To Draw An Anime Girl Step By Step

Anime is a popular art style. One of the most popular subjects in anime is cute girls, which is why many people want to learn how to draw them. If you are one of those people, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will show you how to draw an anime girl step by step.

Here a How to Draw an Anime Girl Step by Step


How to draw an anime girl step by step


Step 1: Start with the Head



how to draw an anime girl step by step
How to draw an anime girl step 1

The first step in drawing an anime cute girl is to draw the head. Start by drawing a circle for the head. Then, draw a horizontal line through the middle of the circle and a vertical line through the center of the circle. These lines will help you place the facial features.


Step 2: Draw the Face


how to draw an anime girl step by step
How to draw an anime girl step 2

Next, you need to draw the face. Start by drawing two small circles for the eyes on the horizontal line you drew earlier. Then, draw a small nose between the eyes, and a curved line for the mouth below the nose. Make sure the eyes are big and cute, as this is a defining feature of anime girls.


Step 3: Refine the Face


how to draw an anime girl step by step
How to draw an anime girl step 3

Now that you have the basic facial features in place, refine them by adding more detail. Add eyelashes, pupils, and shading to the eyes to make them stand out. Add details to the nose, like nostrils and shading, and refine the shape of the lips. You can also add shading around the eyes to give the face more dimension.


Step 4: Draw the Hair


how to draw an anime girl step by step
How to draw an anime girl step 4

Anime hair is often highly stylized and expressive, so take your time with this step. Start by adding the basic shape of the hair, then add details like individual strands and hair accessories. Use curved lines to create movement and volume in the hair, and add shading to make it look more realistic.


Step 5: Add Details and Shading


how to draw an anime girl step by step
How to draw an anime girl step 5

Once you have the basic figure in place, it’s time to add more details and shading. Add highlights and shadows to the hair and clothing, and use shading to create depth in the face and body. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shading techniques to find what works best for you.


Step 6: Color the Drawing


how to draw an anime girl step by step
How to draw an anime girl step 6

Finally, it’s time to color the drawing. Anime often uses bright, bold colors, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different color palettes. Use colored pencils or markers to color the drawing, and add shading and highlights to make it look more realistic.

Some Tips On How to draw an anime girl

  • Sketch lightly: Start by sketching lightly with a pencil, so you can easily erase any mistakes or guidelines. You can go over your final lines with darker lines once you are happy with the overall shape and proportions.
  • Use guidelines: Use guidelines to help you keep the proportions of the head, face, and body accurate. Draw a vertical line down the center of the face to help with symmetry.
  • Focus on the eyes: The eyes are one of the most important features in anime art. Make them large, expressive, and slightly angled upwards towards the outside corners.
  • Play with hair: Anime hairstyles can be very elaborate and playful. Experiment with different hairstyles and accessories to give your anime girl a unique look.
  • Exaggerate proportions: In anime art, proportions are often exaggerated, with large eyes, small noses, and slim bodies. Play around with the proportions to give your anime girl a distinct appearance.
  • Add details: Small details, such as accessories, patterns on clothing, or jewelry, can make your anime girl stand out. Be sure to add these details once you have the basic structure in place.
  • Color with care: Color your anime girl carefully, using bright, bold colors that complement each other. Take your time and layer the colors to create depth and dimension.

FAQs On How to draw an anime girl

Do I need to know how to draw to create an anime girl?

  • While some drawing skills are necessary, you don’t need to be an expert artist to draw an anime girl. With practice and patience, anyone can learn to draw an anime girl.

What kind of paper and pencils should I use?

  • You can use any type of paper and pencils you have on hand, but it’s recommended to use a higher-quality paper and a range of pencils for shading. A sketchbook or drawing pad is a good option.

How do I create a unique anime girl?

  • To create a unique anime girl, experiment with different hairstyles, clothing, and accessories. You can also play around with the proportions and facial features to give your character a distinctive appearance.

What kind of poses can I draw my anime girl in?

  • You can draw your anime girl in a variety of poses, such as standing, sitting, or walking. You can also experiment with dynamic poses that show movement or action.

Can I use digital tools to draw my anime girl?

  • Yes, you can use digital tools such as a tablet and drawing software to create your anime girl. There are many free and paid drawing apps available for both desktop and mobile devices.

Can I use references when drawing an anime girl?

  • Yes, using references such as photos or other artwork can be helpful when learning how to draw an anime girl. Be sure to credit any references used in your final artwork.

How can I improve my anime drawing skills?

  • To improve your anime drawing skills, practice regularly, study the work of other artists, and experiment with different styles and techniques. Joining an art community or taking a class can also be beneficial.

Conclusion draw an anime girl

That’s it! With these steps, you should be able to draw your own anime girl. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t be discouraged if your first few attempts don’t turn out perfectly. Keep practicing, and have fun!

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