How to Draw a Duck: A Step-by-Step Guide for everyone

How To Draw A Duck Step By Step Duck Drawing Easy

The guide on how to draw a duck is made to help anybody in kicking off a new drawing skill. It is never too late, to begin with, something new.
You have seen a few ducks floating on a pond in the park. And other ducks were flying out of the water. At that time, you would like to get a drawing. Nevertheless, you do not know how to draw a duck. Do not worry about it as you might start your art with the simple methods below to create a complete duck drawing.
Prepare equipment before drawing
You are excited about trying a duck by yourself. However, it would be best to prepare the art supplies in advance.
• Drawing pencils (an HB pencil and a 3B pencil)
• An eraser
• Pieces of paper
• Watercolor pad and water paint (if you or your kid feels confident in using)
• Crayons (if you or your kid prefer crayons)
When you have already collected those things in hand, now is the time to attempt and practice.

How to draw a duck for all of you


There are more than 120 species of duck on the planet with different sizes and shapes. For those who have no idea how to draw a duck in common, we concede you to select a mallard. This is because it is a widespread bird and easy to start.

Step 1: Begin with the top of the duck head

Duck Drawing Step 1

Duck Drawing Step 1


We will try the top of the duck’s head at first. The top of the head often has a round shape and it looks like half of a circle. Draw three slightly curved lines on top so that you have feathers on the top of the duck’s head. You do not have to draw solid lines.

Step 2: Continue to the head

Duck Drawing Step 2


Now, you could move on the completing the head. Expand the lines creating the top of the head that you have done in the first step. Then, you curve these lines inwards and make them go down. Remain them until you have looked at them as they do in the reference image.

Step 3: Add eyes and beak to get a real face

Duck Drawing Step 3


It would not be a duck if you do not add eyes and beaks, especially their beaks. This is because a beak ought to differ from other birds. Draw a curved line on the left-hand side of their head. Then, you make a circle for the eyes and make a smaller circle inside for the completed eyes. Use a line in the beak outline so that the duck has a smiling face.

Step 4: Draw their wings

Duck Drawing Step 4


Why do not we draw their bodies before making wings? This is because you can draw the body easier after getting the wings. A wing often enlarges from the duck head. Draw some slightly curved lines and create layers. When you draw their wings as the reference image as they are, you probably move on to their body.

Step 5: Add the body

Duck Drawing Step 5


Draw a long and rounded line spreading from under their face to the back of the duck. Do not forget to create a tail for your duck. From their wings, make some straight lines and the tail will come out.

Step 6: Finish the drawing with their legs and feathers

Duck Drawing Step 6

Like other birds, the duck has four legs. Use some curved lines and straight lines to make webbed feet. Yes, a duck contains special legs and feet. Keep in mind that a duck also has feathers. Draw some small lines on the chest to make feathery details. Create some other dark lines to put texture into their body.
If you want to make your duck on a pond or a lake, you could use some lightly curved lines like the water on the surface. At the same time, leave out their legs so that your duck is floating with their legs beneath the lake, for instance.

Step 7: Add colors to your duck painting

Duck Drawing
Duck Drawing Step 7


Do not miss this step as your drawing will be more beautiful. Use colorful crayons or watercolor and add colors to your art. You could see how well a mallard is in the real world and color it like that. Or create your new duck!

Your Duck Drawing Is Complete

Impress your family and friends with a new skill – drawing. They will be surprised that you could move on to the more difficult and new ones. Practice with the guide many times and you can draw other things. You can refer to some drawing guides such as chicken drawing or bird drawing on our site

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